Silkkihienon Ad astra, Silkkihienon Carpe diem TLC, Silkkihienon Namarie, Rantavontun Tulihännänalla, Silkkihienon Okariina Terra

Rantavontun Tulihännänalla Silkkihienon Leo Skipås

      Breeding with Tender, Love and Care since 1994

I bought my first Abyssinian cat in 1992 and started breeding this wonderful breed in 1994. Silkkihienon cattery is just a hobby breeding in a small scale. My cats are living as a full family members in the apartment and occasionally I have kittens.

Wellcome to visit my Homepage, meet my cats and kittens. I hope You enjoy!

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Pirkko Vanhamäki
Lehvänkatu 24 G 57, FI-33820 Tampere
Finland, Europe

Mobile phone +358 50 341 6112




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