IP&EC Silkkihienon Ad astra "Aatos" 6.2.1994 - 29.1.2013

Aatos is from my first litter and nowadays neutered. He was born in February 1994 and he is a red and a dilute carrier. His father is a big red gentleman from Norway, IC N*Federico av Skillebekk.

Aatos thinks that he is something special for me -and yes he is. My man is a real green-eyed gentleman. I love green eyes! He has sired some very nice kittens around the Europe and some of them are following in his successful footsteps in shows. Because I don't want to wear out his face in every show, after successful veteran-tournee (2nd Best SH veteran in Finland 2001) he is nowadays retired. He is still very active and follows his offspring with great interest; and when they take part in the shows, he crosses his toes for them! He is still the same charming Aby. He hates whistling and loves dry fish and intimate moments.

Photo © 2006 Pirkko Vanhamäki

Motto: Mom will do everything for you when you give her an intensive look and purr. Choose the easiest way!



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