Silkkihienon XO Emiliani "Halma"

Halma presents my young Aby generation and will hopefully be my queen in the future. Unfortunately I couldn't keep her grandmother Noppa because cats didn't get along. I had to look for another home for my youngest cat Noppa and she found perfect home in Esko's place! Before the move Noppa had had two litters and very nice blue female "Mae" in her last litter. When Mae got a litter of four blue kittens, I made a reservation for the only girl Halma. Halma's father is a blue, too. An older, kind and wellbalanced male with exceptional old pedigree to work with.

Halma is very playful but also very clever, busy, allways purring and kind. Having ruddy Abyssinians over 20 years I'm not used to her blue colour. But she defenitely has right Abyssinian character!

Halma in september 2016 Photo ©

Because Halma's grandmother has name al Ea = ALEA, Halma followed the same theme of games and got nickname Halma.




Photo © 2016


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