CFA Pr&IP&EC Silkkihienon Carpe diem TLC "Halti"

Halti was born in my third litter in June 1997. She is out of the ruddy elegant splendour GrCh&DW, GIC&JWW'96 Allmykittens Mitchel and the sweet ruddy beauty IC Silkkihienon scara-B.

Halti is the first lady in my house and she has very personal smiling face and lovely temperament. Usually she is funny and clever, but also such a Tender Loving Cat to me. She has shown to be an excellent mom. She has also given her wonderful personality to her offspring no matter how charming and sweet her husbands have had. ;-)

Nowadays she is altered. In spring 2004 I had a feeling that my K-litter might be the last one out of Halti. I still tried couple of times to breed her without success. Then Elisa Valanta offered me the possibility to breed Kente Ornament, Halti's last daughter, and there I bought Namarie to continue this line.

Motto: When you do something -do it well. When you mess up everything-do it well.



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