In Memoriam


The first cat of my family was a black & white non-pedigree cat Figaro von Karvakorva. He was not the first cat in my life because my grandparents were farmers and they have always had a cat on the farm as a hired mousehunter. Figaro came to our family in autumn 1983. He learned all about classic music and saw my brothers to become violinists. Well, at least he loved the velvet of the Violinbags and slept there many times when my brothers were practising... Figaro disappeared in our summer cottage in 2000. He was 16,5 years old, half blind and half deaf and we suppose that the track leads to wildanimals (hawk). Figaro was the only one who we let roam freely there in our yard (no neighbour or anything near us).


Photo © Leila Lundström


In summer 1989 I was practising with a veterinarian and we had to put down a female cat with her kittens. We took two malekittens to a rescue home and I chose one brown tiger female as a company for Figaro (my parents were on a vacation, of course). Silkkihienon Nadja as I named her along with her silky coat and elegance, was only 6 weeks old and lived the beginning of her life in a toilet. Figaro got a good friend and he helped "Nana" to become a Cat. Spring 1990 Nana got the first Silkkihienon litter of four kittens: Sancho Panza, Don Quixote, Dulcinea and Tosca. The human crimes had a big role along her whole short life and unfortunately she also died because of people's cruelty. I also learned to watch out our cats because of "bad humans" and buy an indoor-cat.


Photo © Pirkko Vanhamäki

Habibin Ad usum proprium "Nea"

Our next companion for Figaro was an Aby, which reminded me a lot of Nana. She was IP&GIC Habibin Ad usum proprium (ruddy, pedigree) called Nea, born 17th Feb. 1992. She hated shows but was an excellent mom of my two first litters of pedigreecats, Abyssinians. She was an alpha-female and wanted to be the first lady of my house. She was neutered later and I got a new female for my breeding from my third litter: Halti. Nea lived 9,5 years short life until cancer took over her body in autumn 2001.


Photo © Leila Lundström





Thamos Liú 19.1.2001 - 28.9.2005

Thamos Liú came to me from Norway in springtime 2001 when I was planning to neuter her father Silkkihienon Ad astra. This shy and gentle cat was the sweetest and most modest Aby I have had, just like her role (she has been named after) in Puccini's Opera "Turandot".

Liú has had three ruddy litters with different males and she was a great mom! I had to put Liú to sleep too early because an anaemia, which was caused by FeLV. It has been a big mystery, where she got the virus? I took care of her as long as medication helped her. Then I had to made the hardest decision for her.

At the time of death I had no possibility to bury her to our summer cottage. When we picked up her ashes and went back to the car, radio started to play "Turandot" in a classic channel. It coudn't be coincidence! She said her goodbyes.


Photo © Pirkko Vanhamäki


Silkkihienon Ad astra "Aatos" 6.2.1994 - 29.1.2013

Aatos was born in my first litter in February 1994. I wanted a girl, but there were just three boys. Since day 1 he was very special to me and I couldn't sell him to anyone.


He was carrying sorrel and dilute and he was well-known about his fantastic green eyes and flaming deep coat colour.  He sired some very nice kittens and his lines today go around the World.


He was "once in a life time" to me and I miss him deeply.

Photo © 2006 Pirkko Vanhamäki




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