Then I had to get some new gene-material and scara-B travelled to the Netherlands... My third litter was born in June 1997 out of the beauty scara-B sired by the ruddy elegant splendour GrCh&DW, EC JWW'96 Allmykittens Mitchel. They got four ruddy kittens, three boys and a girl: arktika C-oodi, arktika C-rum, arktika rama-C and Carpe diem TLC. Because scara-B wasn't mine anymore I kept the only girl "Halti" for breeding. C-rum, rama-C and Carpe diem TLC have produced many promising offspring and left their footprints to DK*Marica, FIN*Habibin and I*Quodlibet breedings. I'm - as all mothers and grandmothers- very proud of my children and their future generation.


Photo © Leila Lundström


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