I had planned my fourth litter very carefully years ago. I liked to use my own stud and own queen, no outside studservice. My dream became true when EC Silkkihienon Ad astra and EC Silkkihienon Carpe diem TLC got their litter of three ruddy males on 13th February 1999. I named the trio Dali Savoy, Daraja Satyr and Dar-alla Satin. "Dali" and "Ralla" went together to a pet home in Northern Finland. Daraja Satyr "Santtu" is loved by George Suhr in Texas.


Photo: IC Silkkihienon Carpe diem TLC with kittens Daraja Satyr, Dali Savoy and Dar-alla Satin. 
Photo© 1999 Pirkko Vanhamäki.


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