I had a dream to look for an older stud out of very rare and older original Scandinavian lines for Halti. Finally, after several emails, photos and pedigrees I found sorrel male IP&EC N* Tejas Chicy from Norway. From that litter I needed a girl for breeding and saving this valuable gene-material. Luckily my fifth litter consist of two sorrel females, ambra Ekundu and chatri Endelea. They were born on 21st March 2000. They proved to me that my female "Halti" is a sorrel carrier. Ekundu is living as a loved pet and Endelea moved to Marica cattery, Denmark.


Photo: Silkkihienon chatri Endelea and ambra Ekundu. 
Photo© 2000 Leila Lundström.


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