When Endelea (from my E-litter) was moved to Denmark, with owner Margith Haerslev (Marica Abyssinians) we started to look for a stud for her. We got the possibility to use a sorrel Canadian male CAN Ch&Ch Orchidee Gabriel of Pineridge when he was moving from Canada via Scandinavia to England. Once again it was an outcross breeding and produced very useful gene-material. On 23. June 2001 were born Gala Solea, Gemma Gemini and Gloria Mondo. The two first continued breeding but Gloria Mondo's destiny was overreaction to a worm medicine. Thank you Margith for taking care of this "project"!


Photo: Ch Silkkihienon chatri Endelea, the mom of the litter as a kitten. 
Photo© 2000 Leila Lundström.


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