My F-litter produced only males and I was going to neuter my own stud. I noticed that I wanted to continue with his line and needed his daughter -nothing less. I bought his ruddy daughter Thamos Liú from Norway. For Liú I choose Pr&Ch Silkkihienon Felina Comedia from my F-litter. They both matured at very early age and got two ruddy girls on 22nd May 2002: Haba Leia and Han Loulan. Their names have a little bit Chinese influence (like their mom Liú) but also an echo from Star Wars. Leia became the mother of my L-litter in 2004. Thank you, Irmeli!


Photo: Silkkihienon Han Loulan and Haba Leia. 
Photo© 2002 Pirkko Vanhamäki.


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