But Halti was not out of my breeding yet! She was in wonderful condition and why to travel over the Ocean if you can find a suitable stud from your neighbour? Anyway, Halti and sorrel stud IC Satukissan Ulmus Glabra got a very nice litter (I-litter) on 13th November 2002. That's my first time when I get a litter on autumn time. Litter consists of one ruddy female, one ruddy male and one sorrel female: Imperia Orla, Ikaros Aran and Iolana Tida. Iolana is living as a Best In Home Show, Ikaros will be available for breeding in Estonia and Imperia has given new material for Catherine Kohler's Du Tabernacle cattery in Switzerland.


Photo: Silkkihienon Ikaros Aran, Iolana Tida and Imperia Orla. 
Photo© 2002 Pirkko Vanhamäki.


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