I visited Marica cattery at the same time when I pick up Halti from mating with Vertigo's Chablis (autumn 2000). In Marica cattery I was interested especially the offsprings of Silkkihienon arktika rama-C. I was very satisfied with them and when I met Mister Macon personally, I wanted to use him for my breeding. At that time I had no suitable female for him but when Liu had proven me to be a good mom, I decided to try this combination. Finally, on 26th Ocktober 2003 Liu got a litter of four ruddy kitten: Jaeva Bassina (male), Jaeva Candela (female), Jaeva Piassava (male) and Jaeva Raffia (male). Bassina and Raffia are living together as a loved pets. Piassava is nowadays Pr&GIC and proud father of two litters. Candela became a breeding Queen for Saara Behm in Rantavontun cattery and is spayed after two litters. All male kittens got their names after fibres. The only female was named after candles I love. Name Jaeva has a longer story...


Photo: GIC&Pr Silkkihienon Jaeva Piassava. 
Owner Mari Linnamäki.
Photo© Mari Paajanen.


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