Halti was going strong and in the FIFe World Show in Helsinki 2002 I met personally Swedish sorrel gentleman Aucuparia's Alf Fors. I had been thinking of using his lines for Halti earlier but I didn't found what I was looking for until Alf Fors satisfied me. On 22nd 2003 November this breeding produced totally five kittens. Unfortunately the whole litter got some bacteria infection and the only veterinarian I could reach was not able to handle so young kittens. Three kittens survived: Kaasa Amulet and Kuba Forma are living together as a pets even when Kuba is a Champion and has sired one litter. He is nowadays neutered. Kente Ornament (female) is nowadays Champion, too, and has given birth a litter of four ruddy kittens in February 2006. She is also altered.


Photo: Ch Silkkihienon Kente Ornament as a kitten. 
Owner Elisa Valanta.
Photo© 2003 Pirkko Vanhamäki.


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