After a hard winter with lots of work but also lots of joy with two litters, I decided to rest a little bit with my own females. I still promiced to take care of the litter of Silkkihienon Haba Leia (owner Irmeli Hall-Sointio, daughter of former Skipås Abyssinian breeder). We made a very interesting combination with Yade's Yabelo. This was Yabelo's only litter in Finland. On 7th July 2004 Leia got five big and healthy babies, all ruddies! Leo Skipås and Lhijan Skipås are living as a pet, handsome Lex Skipås started to interest other breeders after neutering, Luna Skipås is living in Poland and Linnea Skipås died accidentally along the spaying operation (at the age of 1 year).


Photo: Silkkihienon Luna Skipås as a kitten. 
Photo© 2004 Eva Piiparinen.


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