My M-litter got an idea when I notice that no-one is going to use Silkkihienon Kuba Forma for breeding. This friendly, healthy, elegant and colourful male doesn't spray but his weakest point is too straight profile. Because Liu's lines were different enough for the breeding, I decided to be proud of this possibility and not look any other stud service. For a long time I thought that Liu has a fault pregnancy because I saw how interested his neutered father Ad astra was in Liu when she had heat time. AND how interested Kuba Forma was in the friendship of Ad astra. On 21st January 2005 Liu got only one ruddy male. This very lively boy is truly the light of all our lives and is called Silkkihienon laterna Magica (nickname Valo = Light).



Valo the Cat photogallery by Toni Sihvonen
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Photo: Pr Silkkihienon laterna Magica. 
Owner Jaana Forsman
Photo© 2008 Toni Sihvonen.


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