N-litter was not actually bred by me. It was bred by Elisa Valanta, a young veterinarian woman. I had sold Kente Ornament (aka Mila) to Elisa and I was glad when I had possibility to help her in this project. I also borrowed my cattery name for the litter and gave names for the girls (Namarie and Nina Kiu). Elisa and her husband Petteri gave names for the boys (Neo Noble and Noci Napoleon). After the loss of Liu I had no energy to catch the moon from heaven and I went back to the original "home made" plans. Proxima Hubble is a very sweet and handsome boy with interesting pedigree and he fullfilled my breeding goal. Mila gave birth of four kittens: two girls and two boys. Nina Kiu is living with her mom, Namarie came back to my cattery for continuing her grandmom's line. Noci Napoleon is living as a loved pet with an older Abygentleman and Neo Noble has been showed for a Champion and Premior and before neutering he also became a father of three babies in Bastian's cattery.


Photo: Ch&Pr Silkkihienon Neo Noble on the show. 
Owner Kirsi Kemppainen.
Photo© 2006 Heikki Siltala.


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