After O-litter I noticed couple young handsome abymales. They both, ruddy (S)Amharinjas Florindo and sorrel (N)JavRock's Gary Grant were sons of the same male Brunnbäcken's Kitty's Bang Bang. Gary Grant was close to the perfection but Florindo's pedigree gave me more new material. I just fall in love with both. Thank you Gunnel Jonsson for the hugs and kisses of Florindo!

Namarie gave birth three ruddy girls: Panama Tan, Pax Panthera and Piae Cantiones. I wanted to keep Piae in my own breeding program but I couldn't have bigger cat family. Luckily all kittens found perfect homes. Anna Myöhänen (cattery Omanion) gave me later possibility to buy daughter of Piae Cantiones sired by Ingave's Rosario. 


Photo: ruddy female CFA Ch & SC Silkkihienon 
Piae Cantiones 
at the age of 3 months,
owner Anna Myöhänen 
Cattery Omanion. 

Photo©2008 Chanan


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