Loru's only lovely ruddy daughter was born dead in 2007. After her tragic first litter I still wanted to try another time. In my O-litter I had lovely modern ruddy male Occu Pato, which I wanted to use for Loru. Unfortunately they were both PRA-carriers and instead of Occu Pato, I used her PRA-free brother Opus Tempus for breeding. 

Loru got her litter of four with C-section and that ended her career as a queen. She got one ruddy female Qalagoniya and three ruddy males Quernica, Quo vadis and Qui bono. They all got nice homes but were not used for breeding. Loru's line ended to these cats. O-litter's line is still continuing, thanks to Okariina Terra and her owner Hanna Ahlstedt! 


Photo: ruddy male Silkkihienon 
Qui bono 
at the age of 3 months,
owner Katja Leinonen. 

Photo©2008 Chanan


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