After Namarie's P-litter, I started to plan her next litter. I wanted to use an old sorrel male in Germany. Everything was planned and sealed until came time to make it real. Suddenly I had to change my plans and look for another male with total different lines and low earsetting and without restrictions in breeding. I ended up with a handsome ruddy male living in Turin, Italy: Cotton Club de Shakiri. He gave me total new lines, big size, elegance, low earsetting, big ears, nice coat colour and texture but also very different head shape (I would call it TICA head). Anyway, valluable material to work with. The coming generations have proven that it was worth of it.

Namarie and Cotton Club got four ruddy females in September 2009: Sanatee (living with my friend Anqi Lindblom-Ahlm, Olvondalen's Abyssinians in Sweden), Salka Valka, Solar Saga and Surya Lyra (living with my friend Anne Lähteenmäki (Proxima Abyssinians in Finland). Surya Lyra and Sanatee has been shown and these girls have been used for breeding.

My friends Eva Piiparinen and Ari Salmela have taken wonderful photos of my S-litter. Please, click their names.


Photo: all four ruddy females from S-litter 

Photo©2009 P. Vanhamäki


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