From my R-litter I kep the only girl "divina Regina" aka Aida. She was shown couple of times and then came her time for a litter. I picked up her stud from Sweden, Aucuparia's Abydos. For just in case Abydos also mated one other female out of my breeding (Silkkihienon Surya Lyra) because we wanted to be sure that at least one female is getting pregnant. Both female got pregnant. Surya Lyra got one ruddy male, who has been succesfull on shows and even better as a stud. And Regina aka Aida got one ruddy male Silkkihienon Tan Tom and one sorrel male S. Talisman.

Aida is owned by Anna Saario, who loved and took care of the litter. Huge thanks, Anna! Nowadays both boys are neutered. For breeding I recommed their halfbrother Proxima John Carter of Mars because he has more interesting pedigree.  


ruddy male 
Tan Tom 
sorrel male Talisman. 

Photo©2010 Anna Saario


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