CFA Ch&IC&Pr Rantavontun Tulihännänalla "Loru"

Loru (RANTAVONTUN) presents me my younger Aby generation. When I got "Spinning-Jenny" (Silkkihienon Jaeva Candela) out of Thamos Liú, my friends asked me am I crazy selling this kitten?! Luckily the Spinning Cat was sold to Saara Behm, a young woman who is interested in breeding. I knew Saara was trustworthy and some day perhaps I could get a girl out of Spinning Jenny? I surely didn't knew that it was going to happen so soon. Liú died and the second litter of Spinning Jenny was going to be her last. And there was only one kitten, a girl in this litter. How could I say "no"?

She is just wonderfull and her habits reminds me a lot of her grandmother Liú. She is more independent than her older sister Nami and behaves like a real princess. And she *LOVES* playing with water.

Loru has had one litter of four kittens sired by Silkkihienon Opus Tempus. 

Loru is nowadays spayed. In 2007 she lost her only ruddy female kitten (sired by Tejas Yxne) but took very good care of Namarie's babies. In 2010 I tried to breed her twice with a handsome and gentle red male Ch Thamos Maximilian but something failed. It was obvious that Loru will never get more babies.  

Loru in Helsinki 2008 Photo © Heikki Siltala

Loru's pedigree name means a very busy cat (fire under the tail) which tells something about her character, too. Her nickname Loru means a children's short funny poem which does not necessary mean anything.




Photo © 2006 Eva Piiparinen


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