My Story

Basically I love dogs and my favourite dog breed is Shiba Inu. I was a dog sitter and I work in dog shows as a ring secretary. Unfortunately I didn't ever get a dog but we got our first cat, black & white "Figaro". Later, when I was a veterinary assistant, I took home a rescue kitten. Thanks to "Nana" (brown tiger Silkkihienon Nadja) I found Abyssinians and became interested in breeding.

I bought my first Aby, ruddy female IP&GIC Habibin Ad usum proprium (called "Nea") in 1992 and during the same year FIFe registered the name of my cattery which is called Silkkihienon. My breeder prefix describes very well the silky and fine coat texture of an Aby but at the beginning it described the coat of Nadja, who looked a bit Abylike. I also wanted a pure Finnish name because I didn't want to see it anywhere else in the World. I started showing and breeding Abyssinian cats, especially ruddies. I've bred litters occasionally since -94 and I'm the happy owner of the four smiling Abyssinians. You'll find them on my next sites.

I'm a textile artisan, Master of Art and Design and also a shop assistant. I now live in Tampere, where I followed the footsteps of my mom's childhood. My hobbies are cats and dogs of course but also handicrafts and classical music, especially chamber choir Camena.


Photo © Pirkko Vanhamäki


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