IP&GIC Silkkihienon Namarie "Nami"

When her grandmother Carpe diem TLC got her K-litter, I had a feeling that this litter might be the last... Should I keep the girl (Kente Ornament)? At that time I had no possibility to keep any extra cat and I was very lucky when Elisa Valanta, a young veterinarian was interested enough for breeding.

One and half years later Elisa was willing to breed Kente and I gladly gave my name to the kittens. Because of the illness of Liú, we had to cancel our special breeding plans and go back to the original "homemade" plans. Proxima Hubble fullfilled my expectations by his overall impression, personality and size.

Photo © 2015 Tessa.lv


Namarie got her name from the Lord of the Rings for bringing me hope and light for the future. She is very easygoing cat with sweet personality. She has had three litters sired by different studs and she has been a great mom. These sides from her many qualities has fullfilled my dreams of a cat company and a queen. Namarie is nowadays neutered.



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