FIFe IC & CFA Ch Omanion al Ea "Noppa"

Noppa is my former queen, nowadays neutered. I couldn't keep her mom SC Silkkihienon Piae Cantiones "Elina" but I found a perfect home for her: family Myöhänen and Omanion cattery. Years later came time to breed Elina again and breeder Anna Myöhänen choose ruddy handsome gentleman from Norway as a sire of the litter, SC Ingave's Rosario, DVM, JW. I wanted to buy a female kitten from that litter. The litter was born in June 2012 and luckily there were three girls (and two boys) on the litter. This very special kitten literally took my heart. 


Noppa has gotten two litters: U- and V-litters.

Photo © 2015 P. Vanhamäki


Unfortunately this story was not written with golden letters. My cats got involved with personal crises caused by Noppa's hormonal behaviour along her last litter and continuing after that. After watching this for several months I had to give the quickest busiest and the most energetic "troublemaker" Noppa to the new owner. She is too much for my old ladies. I'll miss my quicksilver lady. Now I know for sure that she is deeply loved by Esko and his family. 

Al Ea got her name after latin name I've always liked: Alea. Because this was E-litter, the name became a word game. Noppa is actually pure translation from Alea.



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