Ch Silkkihienon Okariina Terra "Terra"

Terra was the only female kitten in my O-litter. It was obvious to keep her myself. But because I wanted to keep my cat quantity limited, Terra moved to my friend Hanna (NERIKOMIN CATTERY) for having one litter to me. After that she will be Hanna's cat. That way I can save this line and help Hanna to know better Abyssinian breed.

In 1997 I saw a beautiful and wellbalanced Aby female Artemiss af Nordfjord in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden) show. I decided to get her lines one day and finally with Tejas Yxne (ABY o) I succeeded! Many thanks to Sölvi Jacobsen and Ståle Berntsen! This litter also showed that Namarie is a sorrel carrier.

I have some plans for Terra in the future. Luckily she is PRA-DNA-free, so I have more possibilities to look for a suitable stud.

Photo © 2008 Markus Wikström

Motto: I can be kind and quicksilver at the same time!


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